Quick Tips For Using Prismacolor Art Markers

Sketching with Prismacolor Premier® Dual-Ended Art Markers for the first time opens the door into an exciting new world for illustrators. 

It takes practice, though. And art forums are filled with post after post on how to attain the same look that professionals can achieve. 
Here are some basic tips to get you started out on the right path: 
Paper quality 
- be aware of the surface you draw on. The type of paper or stock you use is important. One type of paper does not suit all. Some paper is better for blending markers than others, and super flat and smooth stock instead of textured stock can help create smooth laydown. 

Using markers to blend 
- markers lend themselves perfectly to blending and layering color. To create gradients or blending with markers, try using a dual-ended colorless blender marker to help disperse color or clean up rough edges. Clean the blender marker tip frequently to avoid darker ink settling into the nib. To clean your marker, just run it on some scrap paper. 

Also, always work in small areas. You want to work while the ink is wet in order to blend the color with greater ease. Ink dries quickly, and leaving one area before it’s finished to work on another will leave you with an inconsistent appearance. 

Mixing media 
- Picking the right tool for the job can be tough, and knowing how to mix different types of media can be even more difficult. While using the brush point marker on top of pastels may not be the best idea, it can work in the inverse order. You can use markers to create a base color and then combine other types of media to create layers. Try the following combinations: markers with markers, markers with color pencils, pastels with color pencils, or markers first with pastels and color pencils on top. 
Make swatches 
- Keep some extra scrap paper nearby, and use it test colors, try light or dark pressure, or for blending. While experimenting is never a bad thing, there are times when you know exactly what you want to achieve when you put pen to paper. 

- There are no overnight successes. Keep at it, and you'll improve.

Tools used: Prismacolor Premier® Dual-Ended Art Markers