The History of Mandalas As Art

While its popularity has grown with the explosion of adult coloring books, the Mandala has actually been around since the 4th century. Produced primarily in Tibet, India, Nepal, China and Japan, Mandalas are a spiritual and ritual symbol of Buddhism.  
The creation of mandalas has long been viewed as a therapeutic art form. Whether coloring one in, or creating one yourself, the repeating patterns replicate nature. Buddhists call it “oneness with the universe.” They bring balance, reduce stress, and inspire creativity. 

They represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Mandalas are said to reflect your inner self at the time you create them.  

Mandalas can be drawn in solitude or with a group. Calm surroundings are key. Prismacolor Premier Soft Color Colored Pencils or Premier Dual-Ended Art Markers are the perfect tools to use when bringing mandalas to life.