Drawing A Self-Portrait

Drawing a self-portrait you can be proud of poses an interesting challenge to artists of any level. This is an introduction to a series of articles filled with tips and tricks to help you with the fundamentals of drawing the best version of yourself. Check out a sneak peek of the topics below:

Tip #1: Use a mirror. 

Position your mirror close to your working area so only your eyes move and your face remains in a fixed position. Many artists choose a ¾ angle when creating their portrait to take advantage of highlights and shadows that naturally add interest. 

Tip #2: Work from a photo of yourself. 

Some artists have a friend take pictures of their face, looking for interesting expressions, angles, or features. Having another person capture you can result in more candid moments that feel more real. 

Tip #3: Use lighting to your advantage. 

If you're just starting out, use a softer studio light. It's more important to get bone structure, skin tone and eyes correct. As you gain more experience, you can work with more complex lighting setups. 

Tip #4: Proportions 

Although people have different bone structures and the length of their mouth or nose may vary, most faces are very symmetrical. The eyes, nose and lips generally are proportional to one another. 

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