Brush Vs. Chisel

When to Use Which Tip

When working with markers, understanding the subtle differences between your tools can improve the effect you're trying to achieve. Markers are great for adding base and providing more tone to your work. 

Prismacolor Premier Dual-Ended Illustration Markers feature two ends in every marker. Both feature a fine tip for creating crisp details. With the chisel tip, you have a tool with multiple line widths. 

Chisel tips can lay down both medium and fine lines and is ideal for precise, detailed work while also providing broader coverage to fill in bigger spaces. When coloring with pencils, the broad end of the chisel tip is an artists’ secret weapon for filling in large areas of color. You can then go back in and layer over the marker to create fine details. 

Brush tip markers allow for more fluidity in your strokes, allowing you to create beautiful hand lettering and calligraphy. Brush tips create thick, thin or varied lines using varying degrees of pressure and are ideal for precise, detailed work. They’re perfect for coloring in large areas, and also blend well with other colors.
Prismacolor markers come in 200 vibrant colors. They’re perfect for artists of all skill levels, providing richly saturated color and smooth laydown. We can’t wait to see what you create, just tag your compositions with #Prismacolor.