Adult Coloring Books For Relaxation

Adult coloring books prove that you don't have to be a child to enjoy the benefits of working with color.

Coloring books used by children help build confidence in completing a task, while introducing them to different hues, lines, and shapes as they build their creative skills. For adults, there is that sense of completing a task, but the differences go deeper. 

Experts suggest adult coloring books lower stress and anxiety levels with some users. 

The popularity of coloring with adults comes from its resemblance to art therapy. When coloring, the brain enters a type of meditative state, allowing individuals to de-focus on day-to-day stresses. With the proliferation of smart devices, a chance to unplug for a few hours provides a much needed break. 

Finally, adult coloring books feature more detailed designs, with high quality paper that resists tearing, and tools that provide rich color. Some are even sold as sets with premium tools like the Prismacolor Premier Complete Coloring Toolkit or Premier New York Adult Coloring Kit.

Prismacolor markers come in 200 vibrant colors. They’re perfect for artists of all skill levels, providing richly saturated color and smooth laydown. We can’t wait to see what you create, just tag your compositions with #Prismacolor.