Premier Charcoal Drawing Set


The Prismacolor Premier Charcoal Drawing Set contains all the sketching materials needed to explore charcoal art. This high-quality charcoal delivers rich, smooth laydown and is ideal for sketching and underpainting layouts. This set includes 10 sticks of vine charcoal (extra soft, soft, medium); 4 compressed charcoals (extra soft, soft, medium, and hard); 4 charcoal pencils (black soft, medium, and hard; white extra soft); 2 sketch pencils (sepia and sanguine); one Magic Rub eraser, one Kneaded rubber eraser, one steel sharpener, and one blending stump.
  • Sketch and graphite pencils create rich, intense lines
  • Wide range of charcoal provides varied depth and darkness
  • Sepia and Sanguine pencils mark perfect for highlighting
  • Steel sharpener and sanding board help create a sharp pencil point
  • Vinyl Magic Rub eraser is ideal for delicate surfaces and versatile Kneaded Eraser molds easily to erase fine details

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