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Premier Nupastel® Hard Pastels

About this Pencil

Just Right

They’re tougher than traditional soft pastels, but maintain the same rich, creamy pigments needed for superior blending and shading. Artists of all expertise levels can benefit from these pastels, especially those interested in illustration or tightly rendered drawings. Because they can be used wet or dry, it’s like a two-for-one deal-- mix them with water or odorless mineral spirits to create cool effects.


Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Cautious accidents vs reckless ones

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Hold onto a vision when making the foundation of the piece. Your going to need patience but the maturity for the details in your first layers avoid a train wreck later. Cautious accidents are always better than reckless ones. Learning to foster the pain of tripping on yourself is the only way to gain and the relief will be the best feeling in the world.

Submitted by WackyConstant


Created with Premier Nupastel® Hard Pastels

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Christmas Reindeer

Erin_Dee Erin_Dee
Lay down some color to see what you’ve got.

Use your Premier Nupastel® Hard Pastels to create your own palette.

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