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Scholar™ Graphite Drawing Pencils

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Essential tools for beginning artists

Create depth in your artwork by using a range of values for highlights, mid-tones and shadows. Designed specifically to give beginner artists the tools they need to develop. With pencils for detailed line work, shading, and large area coverage the Scholar™ Graphite products have you and your work covered. Available individually or in the Scholar™ Graphite Drawing Set.

Drawing Pencils

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Tip for the taking:How does Graphite show color?

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I ,personally, like using graphite. But whenever I show my work people say it looks plain. I took that and used it to my advantage. I got creative and started darkening my shades. "Dark" is key to show coloring in black and white drawings. When you show Contrast, you show Color :)

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hajsan hajsan


hajsan hajsan

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