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Premier Watercolor Colored Pencils

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These high-quality, water-soluble colored pencils can be used with a brush to achieve a watercolor effect that’s so unique.

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I totally agree with orion. I stopped posting my art because it`s impossible to get an honest critique. I feel that the people who currently dominate this site have destroyed the integrity of this site with superficial fluff. These artist need to understand when you consistently call out of proportion portraits or crudely rendered drawings masterpieces you lose all creditably and appear that you don`t know the difference between good and bad art. I have seen people on here waste their money buying prints on here because they actually believed the fluffy comments from their fellow artist. If your going to leave a comment be honest and give the reason why the drawing is good or bad

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Humming Bird At Emerald Lake

designispassiona97 designispassiona97
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