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Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils

About this Pencil

Explore Your Soft Side

Thick cores of color last long to bring bold statements to life, while soft leads make them the best tool to blend in or shade away. They’re vivid and intense in one stroke and subtle and soft in the next, making them perfect for any project, big or small. Smooth coverage and a wide array of colors to choose from make it easy to find a soft spot for these premium pencils.

Colored Pencil

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:For blending large areas!

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To blend large areas, I use rubbing alcohol. Colorless blenders are excellent for blending control for small areas, but in the kind of drawings I do is gets tedious to use a colorless blender for large areas. I apply the rubbing alcohol with either a paintbrush, a cotton ball, or a q-tip. It works really well. And it doesn't destroy the paper so there is still tooth to work on top of with pencil after I am done blending

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Created with Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils

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WIP 1 "Friendly Nuzzle"

longrunningartist longrunningartist

The Name's Bruce

capn_awesome77 capn_awesome77
Know what pencils you can put to paper.

Use your Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil to create your own palette.

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