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Scholar™ Erasable Colored Pencils

About this Pencil

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Beginner art students will appreciate these strong colored pencils that erase with ease. They're ideal for a range of student uses, including idea development, sketching, realistic drawing, and mixed media. Available in twelve vibrant colors.

Erasable Colored Pencil

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Confidence in colored pencil

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To me, a confident, finished colored pencil piece is shiny and burnished. This can be achieved by using a colorless blending pencil to finish rough patches ot by being confident and building opaque layers of color with your pencils. Also you can use the back of a spoon by rubbing the convex side to generate friction and melt the wax of the pencil on the paper so it is smooth and shiny. You can tell when a piece is burnished if it is shiny.

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Created with Scholar™ Erasable Colored Pencils

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Fox making a kill

martineaubin martineaubin

Old general store 2

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Old general store

12345abcde 12345abcde
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