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Scholar™ Colored Pencils

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Beginner art students and crafters will appreciate the smooth texture and creamy leads of these rich pigments. Strong cores minimize breakage for developing artists and crafters but still offer blendability. Don't be afraid to show your stuff.

Scholar Colored Pencils

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Practice doing value scales

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I have over 20 years of drawing Black and gray portraits (graphite, charcoal, tattooing) and learned that the transition to color was very difficult.The fun in drawing in color is its difficulty. My best advice would be to practice value scales without blending (using a blender or burnisher). This helps a newbie in colored pencil control their grip and pressure as well as forces the left side of the brain to take it slow and the right side of the brain to concentrate on transition. Sometimes artist tend to rush to blending with a blender (tortillion with graphite) and not learn how to do gradual value changes with only hard or soft pressure of the pencil. Doing this regularly will improve your shading and contrast abilities drastically.

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Ms Casper

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TimothyMcVain TimothyMcVain

Fort Worth, Texas

TimothyMcVain TimothyMcVain
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