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Beginner art students and crafters will appreciate the smooth texture and creamy leads of these rich pigments. Strong cores minimize breakage for developing artists and crafters but still offer blendability. Don't be afraid to show your stuff.

Scholar Colored Pencils

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Tip for the taking:Dark darks and White Gel Pen whites

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I wanted to share a tidbit I've found that helps in making a picture "pop". I''ve found that I was drawing too light for shadows and even some colors. I asked an artist one day what he would change about my drawings, he simply said, "Go darker!" And no, he didn't mean gothic. He went on to show me when he cut a square out of a piece of paper and placed it over a reference picture I was drawing from. He then put the square over my picture and the shades were so far off that. I couldn't believe it. He then showed me what a white gel pen could do for my highlights and from that point forward, I've used dark blacks and white gels in every single piece. Don't be afraid of giving it a try.

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