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Colorless Blender Pencil

About this Pencil

Not so harsh

Bring the colors in your artwork to life with this non-pigmented, wax based pencil. Perfect for blending and softening edges of colored pencil artwork without altering your palette.

Sold individually or with Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils and Premier Art Stix®.

Colorless Blender Pencil

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:lifelike portraits

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Hi everyone, please bear with me as I attempt to share my new online Craftsy class with those who might be interested. For anyone who is curious about working with skin tones, hair, and eyes with colored pencil, I cover a lot of tips and "tricks" in this video and you can see a work in progress to completion. This website has been a great community, and I sincerely appreciate everyone who has given encouragement and feedback. Thanks for letting me share. http://www.craftsy.com/ext/Brooks_3815473-4814-1401464706107_F6

Submitted by kerrybrooks


Created with Colorless Blender Pencil

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The Different Paintbrush

ArtLoveDoctor ArtLoveDoctor

Harley Davidson

Buck Buck
Know what pencils you can put to paper.

Use your Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil to create your own palette.

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