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Work and Rework

For works in progress that may need some reworking along the way, these colored pencil cores erase with ease and have a strong medium point. Perfect for illustrating, animating and all your other unfinished business.

Erasable Colored Pencils

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Tip for the taking:Blue Pencil 20044

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I prefer the Blue Pencil 20044 because of it's forgiving nature. I usually have to work fast and a black lead can easily get over developed and dark making the rest of the drawing out of light balance. To make the rest of the drawing match the dark part you would have to darken the whole drawing. The blue pencil is very forgiving in that manner but also allows a soft and light touch as well. Understanding shape and lighting is key. I believe if you can draw and shade with a pencil with the right laws of lighting you can paint as well. I start all my paintings with a light study with the pencil first.

Submitted by Wissig


Created with Col-Erase® Colored Pencils

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Encounter with a Jet

Wissig Wissig

Struck by Black Lightning

Wissig Wissig

Halloween Animation

Wissig Wissig
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