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Premier Art Stix® Colored Pencils

About this Pencil

Go Naked

The same rich, creamy leads of the Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils but without wood casing to hold you back. No need to sharpen, so you can put your vision to paper ASAP. The soft core is fully exposed so you can lay it on even thicker in a single stroke. To the expert, it’s an essential and to the novice it’s a good place to start. The high quality pigments can be sharpened to a point or used blunt, perfect for small projects and larger areas of coverage.

Art Stix

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Confidence in colored pencil

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To me, a confident, finished colored pencil piece is shiny and burnished. This can be achieved by using a colorless blending pencil to finish rough patches ot by being confident and building opaque layers of color with your pencils. Also you can use the back of a spoon by rubbing the convex side to generate friction and melt the wax of the pencil on the paper so it is smooth and shiny. You can tell when a piece is burnished if it is shiny.

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Created with Premier Art Stix® Colored Pencils

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CaroleStevensBibisi CaroleStevensBibisi


CaroleStevensBibisi CaroleStevensBibisi

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Know what pencils you can put to paper.

Use your Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil to create your own palette.

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