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Premier Chisel|Fine Double Ended Art Markers

About this Pencil

Double Up

Every artist can appreciate these double-ended art markers. The ink is formulated to give the richest color saturation with silky smooooooth coverage. The duality of the thick and skinny tips let you change it up whenever the mood strikes. One ink source ensures color consistency from either end. It’s an alcohol, dye-based ink that’s non toxic.

Art Marker

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Rendering Heroes

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A video of how I approach a painting with primacolor markers. Sometimes being able to visually see the creative process can be a great asset to another artist. Hope it helps.

Submitted by studioimagine8


Created with Premier Chisel|Fine Double Ended Art Markers

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"Rise of a Legend"

PencilRick PencilRick
See what marks you can make.

Use your Premier Double Ended Markers to create your own palette.

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