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Scholar™ Eraser

About this Pencil

There are no mistakes

Feel free to experiment. With the Scholar™ Eraser, you can clean up unwanted lines, smears, and smudges like they were never there. And, with minimal eraser dust.

Scholar Art Eraser

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Draw and Outline

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If you draw and out line but you don't like the pesky pencil marks, just draw, out line with marker or pens, the erase the pencil! I love this tip!

Submitted by MJCArt


Created with Scholar™ Eraser

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Selina knight in kevlar armor

Airboy79 Airboy79

Moonlight Eye

MadisonBoenisch MadisonBoenisch


shihab shihab
Scholar in the classroom

Scholar™ profiles teachers and students who take their art to next level.

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