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Go back in Time

Clean up your act and move right along with this professional quality vinyl eraser. It’s Latex free, absorbs graphite and erases India Ink. Also comes in a nifty peel-off pencil form to erase dry media in one fell swoop.

Sold individually or by the dozen.

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Tip for the taking:Don't give up!

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Learn shapes and the basics of drawing before you try and then get intimidated. Practice will get you there. Never give up and leave yourself with a bunch of 'what if' thoughts. You are good enough. So is your art. Practice!! "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" -Picasso

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Created with MAGIC RUB® Eraser

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Mike and Pat Brooks

PatBrooks PatBrooks

Doris Day

PatBrooks PatBrooks

Eddie - Thanks for your Service

PatBrooks PatBrooks
From Thick Strokes to Fine Detail

The Brush|Fine Double-Ended Marker lets you create with flexibility.

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