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Premier Pencil Sharpener

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Get on Point

The life of an artist is never, ever dull. Make sure you’re ready with perfectly sharpened pencils. You will be equipped for anything with the two different blades on this sharpener. One blade is for sharpening a wide point while the other blade is for sharpening a thin point. The black, yet transparent body of this sharpener allows you to see when the sharpener is full.

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Tip for the taking:Love

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This is the time for us artists who's goals are to inspire!! Let's come together and push our hard work to the limits in creating a new wondrous path for souls!!

Submitted by Patricia755


Created with Premier Pencil Sharpener

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Mice and Mushrooms

LinaC LinaC

Sally and Jack

missjanellexo missjanellexo
From Thick Strokes to Fine Detail

The Brush|Fine Double-Ended Marker lets you create with flexibility.

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