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Premier Pencil Sharpener

About this Pencil

Get on Point

The life of an artist is never, ever dull. Make sure you’re ready with perfectly sharpened pencils. You will be equipped for anything with the two different blades on this sharpener. One blade is for sharpening a wide point while the other blade is for sharpening a thin point. The black, yet transparent body of this sharpener allows you to see when the sharpener is full.

Pencil Sharpeners

Artist’s Corner

Tip for the taking:Nail Polish Remover

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I love using polish remover to blend, aid with shadowing, and even highlighting on pieces. It has to be used on heavier weight paper which is why I do a lot of drawing on watercolor paper. All this is needed is the polish remover and some Qtips. Dampen the Qtip with the remover and lightly rub the area you wish to blind or spread the shadows on. Or use it to lift light amounts of color away to help with highlights. Just make sure you use a new clean Qtip for each color if you do not want to carry over color from one place to another. The remover breaks down the waxes in the pencils slightly so they flow a little like liquid but as soon as the remover evaporates from the paper the color stays put. It helps with the wht. film blk. gets also

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Created with Premier Pencil Sharpener

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Master Chief (Halo 4)

leonardo_R leonardo_R


MelissaPlum MelissaPlum

Northern Lights/carou sel hores

MelissaPlum MelissaPlum
From Thick Strokes to Fine Detail

The Brush|Fine Double-Ended Marker lets you create with flexibility.

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