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  • What are some ways to use the Prismacolor Premier Soft Core colored pencils? How can you use them along with Prismacolor Premier Verithin colored pencils and Prismacolor Premier Art Stix?

    Explore your options with this informative guide all about Prismacolor Premier Pencils. Download the PDF here!

  • What are some ways to use the Prismacolor Watercolor colored pencils?  How can you use Prismacolor Watercolor pencils along with Prismacolor Soft Core colored pencils?

    Explore your options with this informative guide all about Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils.   Click this link now to download or print.

  • How are Prismacolor Colored Pencils made?

    See how!  Click here.

  • Is it okay to put Prismacolor colored pencils in the microwave to soften the cores?

    No, but setting the pencils in a warm, sunny spot for a few minutes can soften the wax-based colored pencils.

  • Why is it so hard to erase a Prismacolor colored pencil?

    The Premier Soft Core and Premier Verithin® Colored Pencils are wax based pencils, thus they are not designed to be erased easily. If you’re looking for a medium that is designed to be erased, try out Col-Erase® Colored Pencils and erase away!

  • What’s the difference between the Premier Double Ended Markers and the Premier Illustration Markers?

    Premier Double Ended Art Markers contain an alcohol, dye-based non-toxic ink. They are double-ended and available in a palette of 156 brilliant colors to add life to just about any project. Premier Illustration Markers contain an archival quality, lightfast, non-toxic ink and are available in fine, chisel and brush tip. They’re great for detailing, lettering, making borders and creating textures and outlining shapes.

  • What’s the difference between the Premier Nupastels® and the Premier Soft Pastels?

    Premier Nupastels® and Premier Soft Pastels are produced with different clays, resulting in different degrees of softness/hardness. Nupastels are a semi-hard pastel, whereas soft pastels are softer and creamier in texture.

  • What makes the Premier Nupastel® Hard Pastels special?

    Pastel artists loves Premier Nupastel® Hard Pastels because of their versatility, color range, and solubility with water and solvents. Also, the unique rectangular shape aids in creating lines. Premier Nupastel® Hard Pastels offer a nice balance, not too hard yet not too soft.

  • What grades of hardness are the Premier Turquoise® Graphite Pencils available in?

    Ranging from the thickest black (6B) to the thinnest gray (9H) the full range of pencils includes the following: 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H.

  • What do you do if you can pull the core of the pencil straight out? Why does this happen?

    If you have a large enough lead holder you can slide the core out of the wood casing and place it in the lead holder. If the core slides out of the pencil this generally means the core was not properly glued to the wood and returning the pencil would be advisable. If you need further assistance, please contact our Consumer Affairs Department at 800-346-3278.

  • Do the Turquoise leads actually contain “lead”?  

    No, the Prismacolor Turquoise® leads do not actually contain lead. The main ingredients are graphite, clay and binders. As a matter of fact, no product in the Prismacolor portfolio contains lead.

  • Does Prismacolor have lightfast ratings for the Premier Watercolor Colored Pencils?

    Yes - Please download the PDF here!

  • Is there a set with all of the different Prismacolor Premier colored pencils?

    Yes, there is a new 79 ct set that contains: Soft Core, Verithin, Watercolor and Art Stix along with a sharpener.

  • Do Prismacolor colors match PMS colors?

    They do indeed. Visit our Color Coordinator to select from a color wheel or enter a color’s digital values to find which Prismacolor products are the closest match.

  • Can Prismacolor Colored Pencils be used on fabric?  

    The Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils were not designed for use on fabric. Since they are waxed based pencils, they probably won’t hold up to washing and drying; however, some of the pigments used in the colored pencils MAY stain clothing.

  • What’s the difference between Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils and Scholar Colored Pencils?

    The wax used in the Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils is a soft wax, which makes their color lay down smooth and creamy. The Scholar Colored Pencils use a combination of a soft and hard wax. The soft wax used in the Scholar pencils is the same as used in the Premier Soft Core pencils but a harder wax is also added, making the Scholar pencils a little harder and less prone to breakage. The purpose of this slightly harder lead in the Scholar set is to aid developing artists as they learn the right amount of pressure to apply when working with colored pencils. The percentage of pigment used in the Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils is also greater, resulting in more vibrant colors.

  • Which stores near me carry your products?

    Click here to find a store near you!

  • Is there a Prismacolor gift set available?

    Currently Prismacolor does not offer any gift sets.

  • When did Prismacolor begin manufacturing pencils?

    Prismacolor has been making quality pencils since 1938.

  • What is wax bloom and what causes it?

    Wax bloom is a natural oxidation process of wax-based materials, just like rust is an oxidation of iron. It appears as a cloudy white film over a drawing or color lay down. If you are plagued with wax bloom, simply wipe your drawing with a clean, dry cloth and spray it with a final fixative to seal out air. If you find your drawings are prone to wax bloom, you may want to use a workable fixative intermittently as you layer your artwork and then finish with a final fixative. Wax bloom is especially prevalent in warmer climates and for artists who apply greater pressure when working with colored pencils.

  • Can I post public art events on Prismacolor.com?

    Yes, you can. Go to the Events Page and click on the blue "Create Now" button in the Make It Happen box. Follow the instructions to add an event. Keep in mind that you must be a registered member of the site to add Events.

  • Does Prismacolor have a Facebook Page?

    Yes! To visit the Prismacolor Facebook Page click here. Please "Like" us!

  • Does Prismacolor have lightfast ratings for the Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils and Premier Art Stix?

    Yes - Please download the PDF  here!

  • Does Prismacolor have lightfast ratings for the Premier Verithin Colored Pencils?

    Yes - Please download the PDF here!

  • What are the 44 new colors for the Premier Brush|Fine Double Ended Art Markers and the Chisel|Fine Double Ended Art Markers?

    The new colors for the Brush|Fine Double Ended Art Markers are here, and the new colors for the Chisel|Fine Double Ended Art Markers are here.

  • Want to get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE coloring book designed by NY fashion house, Ruffian using Prismacolor?

    It’s all here! Now you can create your own custom designs using Prismacolor-- bsure to share your work through the gallery or at Facebook.com/Prismacolor!