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Artist ID card

Vilas Tonape, a native of India, has been creating art for more than two decades. He received his BFA in Drawing and Painting with distinction from the Sir J.J. School of Art, University of Bombay (India). He earned an MFA in Painting from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. His work has been exhibited internationally, including venues in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ontario and Bombay. Tonape has won numerous awards throughout the United States and India and his work has been critically acclaimed. Palm Beach Post says: “Tonape’s painting can be described as classically inspired, contemporary-realism—interpretive images that enchant the eye”. Working in both figurative and non-representational modes, Tonape focuses on nature. His paintings are “melodies” orchestrated by the artist, rooted in the visual rhythms of gesture and color, recorded in the subject matter. “Painting to me is music for the eyes, conceived without conscious articulations, sentiments or statement”, says Tonape. “They reflect my response to nature. They are conceived by an abstract, intangible sensing of nature that erupts into spontaneous imagery.” Currently a professor of art at Polk State College (Winter Haven, Florida), Vilas Tonape maintains a rigorous studio practice; he is represented by Infusion Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and Sutlej Art Gallery in New York.

  •   Dani


    2010, pastel on paper, 22x17 inches

  •   Savannah Girl

    Savannah Girl

    2006, pastel on board, 24x19 inches

  •   Golden Amber

    Golden Amber

    2010, pastel on paper, 25x19 inches

  •   Colorful Folds

    Colorful Folds

    2009, paper, 19x25 inches

  •   Grace


    2009, pastel on paper, 24x19 inches

  •   James


    2006, pastel on paper, 24x19 inches

  •   Interview


    2007, pastel on paper, 25x19 inches

  •   Javon (Maroon)

    Javon (Maroon)

    2010, pastel on paper, 25x19 inches

  •   Vila's Studio

    Vila's Studio

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