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Shelley Minnis

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Shelley prefers to think of herself as an “artist that works...and not a working artist”. Despite the fact that she doesn’t make her living from her artwork, her knowledge and experience contribute to her success with her current job working on the Prismacolor brand. Shelley got “hooked” on art after winning 1st prize in a “Halloween painting contest” as a 1st grader. Art provided her with an outlet to excel in something that she thoroughly enjoyed, although it wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she had the opportunity to dedicate an entire semester to her artwork. Shelley later attended The University of North Texas and received a degree in Art Education. After teaching for nine years, she ended up switching her career to business...but still in an art-related field. Shelley enjoys working with the Prismacolor brand because as an art teacher, they were some of her favorite products. Shelley has been with Prismacolor for the past 12 years and has witnessed the art supply industry grow and evolve. She still feels delight in the fact that so much diversity, creativity and beauty can come from a "simple box of colored pencils". Her position allows her to travel and meet plenty of artists, art students and professionals who excel in fashion, architecture, cartooning and interior design. It gives her joy to know that she is putting the tools of the trade in the hands of individuals that design the things that we all live with each and every day of our lives.

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    Shelley's studio

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Premier Turquoise® Graphite Pencils

Call me old fashioned, but one of my favorite art tools is a Prismacolor Graphite PENCIL….any of the Turquoise soft B’s or the Ebony….it is just such an exciting start to so many GOOD things to come. A sketch or an idea or the layout of a design. It just feels so Genuine! I love them!