Prismacolor Flower
  • Brand Roots

    The Eagle Pencil Company was founded by Daniel Berolzheimer in New York City. The Eagle Pencil Co. establishes itself as a reknown manufacturer of graphite pencils and various writing accessories.

  • Eagle Prismacolor

    Eagle Pencil Company launches Eagle Prismacolor Colored Pencils. These colored pencils include what are today known as Premier Soft Core and Premier Verithin Colored Pencils.

  • Becoming Berol

    In 1969, Berol Ltd. Purchases Eagle Pencil Co. Eagle Prismacolor Colored Pencils are renamed Berol Prismacolor Colored Pencils. For the next several years, Prismacolor extends into more dry media categories, such as graphite.

    Berol Prismacolor Logo
  • Mark it up!

    Berol introduces the Chisel|Fine Dual-Ended Art Marker which revolutionizes commercial art rendering. A consumer favorite to this day, it has maintained its iconic design and has continued to delight consumers with its wide range of colors!

    Prismacolor Old Markers
  • Newell Brands

    Prismacolor is purchased by Newell Brands, and the brand continues to establish itself as high-quality, premium Fine Art brand.

    Prismacolor Old Logo Prismacolor New Logo
  • It's all in the details

    Prismacolor launches fine line Illustration Markers in 8 colors and 7 tip types, perfect for detailed work.

    Fine Line Illustration markers
  • Live in color

    Prismacolor announces the release of 18 new colors for Premier Soft Core colored pencils, including some discontinued fan favorites, revived and refreshed. These additions to the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil family round out the color offering to 150 different colors.

    150 Count Set of Soft Core colored pencils
  • Brush it off

    Prismacolor launches the Brush|Fine Dual-Ended Art Marker in 152 colors, adding an extra dash of artistic freedom to the already brilliant line of art markers. The brand new brush tip is ideal for creating thick, thin, or varied lines with a single stroke. It is truly the ultimate tool for fashion, design, and hobby applications.

    Prismacolor Brush Family
  • 75 Year Year Celebration

    Prismacolor celebrates its 75th anniversary as a brand that is commited to feeding artist's passion and inspiration.

    Prismacolor also introduces 44 new marker colors for both Prismacolor Brush|Fine and Chisel|Fine Dual-Ended Art Markers. These markers are now available in 200 colors! These new inks are lighter versions of the most popular colors and are intended to complement the existing markers, allowing artists to blend even better – they are even named intuitively, like Crimson Red Light.

    Prismacolor Box Set